Who we are

«Connecting TALENTS to the future of Healthcare»

Our Mission ?

Helping Life-Sciences & HealthCare ecosystem to face the new challenges of human resource availability, avoid the announced skills shortage to support the emergence of new trades.

Our Solution ?

An international innovative HR digital way, to strengthen attractiveness, awareness & reputation of European Healthcare & Life-Sciences European’s companies, using innovative A.I. technology to connect and match Talent with workforce needs to the future of European citizen’s care.


           Train and retain our young graduates in EU                         Attract worldwide Talent to Europe,
                     and from other industries to Healthcare
Allowing students trained in our Universities, Engineering and Business schools to access to high level skills education programs to improve Healthcare innovation. Support the European Healthcare industry players, who are one of the higher economic development potentials for the next years, while improving standard quality of live for citizens.

TALENFORCE, the digital answer to the new future of human capital to Train, Retain, Attract, Up-skill or Re-skill Talents, and sustain EU’s Economical and Sanitary sovereignty…

Contributing, as many people as possible, to live a healthier and longer life.

TALENFORCE & are registered trademarks of EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR TALENT SKILLING INTELLIGENCE (E.I.T.S.I.) a corporate body of the “WorkinHealth Foundation”.